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It was 1929, the Roaring Twenties and Canada was booming. Highways were being built across the land and the future seemed bright.

Grandpa Tyler Photo

Edward (Ted) Tyler Sr. decided he wanted to take on the future. In May 1929 he quit his job at the local tannery and purchased a brand new 1929 Model A Ford. The next day he had his first load from Hewitson Shoe and Tyler’s Transport was launched. By October, a mere few months later, Wall Street crashed and the Great Depression began. Although John D. Rockefeller said, “These are the days when many are discouraged”, Ted Sr. was determined to succeed.

With his wife Gwendolene at his side, Ted Sr. pushed forward, steadfast and grew the business. He purchased more trucks and hired employees all while he and Gwen started a family of their own.

Old Bus Photos 2

By 1948, the company now called Tyler Transport Limited, was a well-established Acton family business being operated by Ted Sr., Ted Jr. and Gwen. It was time to develop further and they purchased their first school bus. One school bus, under contract with the Acton School Board, traveled the Acton rural roads taking their first passengers to school.

One bold decision in 1929 was the start of a multi-generational family transportation business which now, Ted Sr’s great-grandchildren ride the bus to school.

Old Bus Photos 1

Over the years, the company has evolved from a one man trucking company to one of the highest ranked bus companies in Halton Region.

Eight decades later, the Tyler family is one of the largest employers in Acton and one of the oldest transportation companies in the Province.

Tyler Transport Limited encompasses our motto established by Ted Sr. –

“Service That Satisfies Since 1929”



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